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Heating in Cincinnati: How’s Your Insulation?

Here in Cincinnati and the greater Tri-State area, having proper attic and basement insulation is necessary. Without it, homes are not only expensive to keep warm, but quite possibly unlivable when the winter bone-chill really kicks into high gear. Free Heating Consultations At Pinnacle Air

Cincinnati Heating Tips: How to Heat Your Home Wisely

Winter is coming. WINTER. Is. Coming. Here in the northlands of greater Cincinnati, from the wind-swept plains of Springdale to the chilled tundra of Goshen… from the icy vales of Anderson Township to the snow-capped forests of Loveland… you’re going to need your furnace working

Cincinnati Heating Tips: What Your Furnace is Telling You

As we head into the autumn, you should know that there are several telltale signs that your furnace needs maintenance or replacement. Increasing Gas and Electric Bills? If your gas and electric bills are going up, it may be that your aging furnace is needing

Cincinnati Heating Tips: Heating Safety

Maintaining your furnace cannot only save you hundreds of dollars on your gas bill, but it is essential for safety. Having a licensed contractor check your furnace at least once a year will help you identify problems before they become serious. Be sure not to

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Cincinnati Heating Tips: Three Most Common Furnace Repairs

Common Furnace Repairs The 3 most common furnace repairs can often be detected by a routine inspection of your heating system before they cause a failure of the furnace to produce heat. The highly trained and expert technicians at Pinnacle Air Solutions of Cincinnati Ohio

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Cincinnati Heating Tips: The Fan Limit Switch

Understanding Common Furnace Repairs: Fan Limit Switch Heater repairs in Cincinnati made by the professionals at Pinnacle Air Solutions will ensure that an equipment problem is solved promptly and successfully. One serious problem that is usually overlooked until the problem progresses to the danger level

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Cincinnati Heating Tips: What Is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Protect Your Home From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Did you know that your home’s HVAC system needs routine maintenance just like your vehicle does? Regularly scheduled, seasonal HVAC maintenance not only ensures that you are getting the maximum comfort for the lowest possible costs, but more

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