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Finding Reputable Geothermal Companies in Cincinnati

Reputable Geothermal Companies in Cincinnati should not promise more benefits from Geothermal energy systems than can be delivered. The science of Geothermal systems is well documented, and the potential savings are also readily available to anyone considering a Geothermal installation. Pinnacle Air Solutions specializes in Geothermal HVAC installation, maintenance and repair, for both older homes and brand new builds.

The reasons for recommending a specific ground loop installation should be made very clear by your Cincinnati HVAC company. This system can be the most expensive part of the installation, and when an in-ground depth of more than 100 feet is recommended for the ground loop installation, it would be logical to ask any and all questions you may have about the process.

Cincinnati Geothermal Energy Savings

All reputable Geothermal Companies in Cincinnati should be able to quote the energy savings achieved by customers for whom Geothermal systems have been quoted. These companies should also be able to supply you with references for customers that used the installation services in the past. Pinnacle Air Solutions of Cincinnati has worked with many home owners on ensuring their Geothermal systems are installed properly – you can reach out to us for referrals and also check our testimonials page.

HVAC companies should tell you about the tax credits available for a proper Geothermal installation in the Cincinnati Ohio area. These are federal tax credits of 30 percent of the total cost, an offset to the AMT Tax, credits that can be combined with solar and wind tax credits, also combined with energy efficient upgrade credits. Pinnacle Air Solutions is always willing to explain these and to help document the homeowner’s eligibility.

Highly qualified suppliers of Geothermal system components should be used by any and all reputable Geothermal companies in Cincinnati Ohio. Our company installs Water Furnace Geothermal Systems – one of the most recognized names in the Geothermal business.

As one of the most reputable Geothermal companies in Cincinnati, Pinnacle Air Solutions can help the homeowner with a comparison of heating and cooling costs using different sources of energy which should establish that a Geothermal system is a very cost-efficient source of heating and cooling for the home.


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