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Cincinnati Heating Tips: Heating Safety

Maintaining your furnace cannot only save you hundreds of dollars on your gas bill, but it is essential for safety. Having a licensed contractor check your furnace at least once a year will help you identify problems before they become serious.

Be sure not to have obstructions near your furnace – anything piled up near the furnace could add to the lint and dust that you want to avoid, and that would make your furnace operate less efficiently. Please avoid having anything in the way of your furnace.

Change Your Air Filter

Change your air filter regularly, and check it monthly to prevent the accumulation of lint. After you have replaced a filter, re-install the door on the front panel so that it fits and closes correctly. If you run your furnace without that front panel door there and on, your furnace could leak carbon monoxide into your home.

Mind The Flame

Pay attention to how the flame appears on your furnace. If the flame is big and yellow, you should have a licensed heating contractor such as Pinnacle Air Solutions of Cincinnati inspect your furnace right away.

Portable Heaters

If you are using portable heaters (space heaters), electric blankets, or other products that give off heat, you should plug them directly into the wall, and do not leave them plugged in while you are out of the house. Using extension cords to power such devices is not recommended.

Also, be sure to keep anything flammable – clothing, towels, drapes, throw-rugs, blankets, comforters – at least a yard away from your portable heater.

Electrical Cords

Avoid having more than two appliances plugged into any one outlet. This will prevent you from overloading your circuits, and will reduce your risk of fire.

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