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Cincinnati Heating Tips: How to Heat Your Home Wisely

Winter is coming. WINTER. Is. Coming. Here in the northlands of greater Cincinnati, from the wind-swept plains of Springdale to the chilled tundra of Goshen… from the icy vales of Anderson Township to the snow-capped forests of Loveland… you’re going to need your furnace working properly.

There are ways that you can heat your home well without sending your energy bill through the roof. These household fixes can better insulate your home, and will help you lean on your thermostat less.

Seal the leaks at your outlets

On the walls around the perimeter of your house, your electrical boxes have small leaks. Insulation is difficult to install around these boxes, so there is almost assuredly some air flowing through and around each box. If you take off the outlet’s cover plate and fill any gaps with foam sealant, you can then put a foam gasket over the outlet and re-attach the cover plates. This small boost in your insulation could make an instantly noticeable difference.

Put Plastic Film on Windows and Patio Doors

You likely will not want this for every window, but for certain windows, covering those wells with a transparent plastic film can reduce drafts and heat loss. The film is not difficult to put on or take off, and you can use your hairdryer to help you install it.

Get Better Weather-stripping

The weather-stripping around your windows and doors is most likely letting out some heat. Normal day-to-day use in Cincinnati can wear it out, causing it to bunch up, crack, and droop down from the door jamb. By replacing that weather-stripping and caulking, you can reduce that heat loss significantly. Putting in new weather-stripping every couple of years is recommended.

We will publish more cost-saving tips in the coming months, so keep checking back on the Pinnacle Air Solutions blog.

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