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Air Conditioning Repair in Cincinnati Ohio – Pinnacle Air Solutions

Pinnacle Air Solutions provides quality Air Conditioning Repair in Cincinnati Ohio.

When your home’s air conditioning fails on a hot summer day, you expect prompt service and reasonably priced repairs. Our certified technicians deliver both. They are trained in repairing the most commonly seen air conditioning systems in our area, and they have the high-tech troubleshooting equipment which saves you time and money.

Our goal is to provide efficient and accurate repairs with one service call. Pinnacle Air Solutions fixes AC problems right the first time when we visit your home or business.

Pinnacle Air Solution’s technicians troubleshoot your system to find problems quickly. Our techs will generally look for the most common problems first, because these can usually be repaired quickly and affordably. A low refrigerant level is one of the most common problems found during a service call for Air Conditioning repair in Cincinnati. Our technicians can replenish the refrigerant and determine the cause of the low level. If the refrigerant is leaking out, then repairs to stop the leak will be recommended. Our technicians can measure the refrigerant level which is important for proper cooling.

Service calls for Air Conditioning repair in Cincinnati may also involve checking the compressor and fan controls which can wear out. Corrosion of wires and terminals is also a frequent problem. The problem could also be as simple as the high-pressure limit switch tripping, or that the thermostat sensor position needs adjusting.

Pinnacle Air Solutions believes that AC service calls should include checking the HVAC system to ensure it is functioning according to the design specifications of the system. Our technicians have the equipment to test, adjust and balance all of the control instrumentation.

When we set out for an Air Conditioning repair service call, our goal is to provide prompt and cost efficient repairs by our trained technicians who are very experienced at quickly finding the cause of the problem without spending more time than is absolutely necessary.

Air Conditioning Repair in Cincinnati Specialists

Pinnacle Air Solutions offers HVAC services, including Air Conditioning, Heating, Geothermal, Air Duct Sealing and overall HVAC services to Residential and Commercial customers in the Cincinnati Ohio and surrounding areas. For more information about Air Conditioning repair, please contact Pinnacle Air Solutions to schedule a consultation.

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