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Cincinnati Heating Tips: What Your Furnace is Telling You

As we head into the autumn, you should know that there are several telltale signs that your furnace needs maintenance or replacement.

Increasing Gas and Electric Bills?

If your gas and electric bills are going up, it may be that your aging furnace is needing to run longer to provide the same amount of heat. If this is the case, your gas and electric bills will continue to escalate, and your furnace will continue to decline in efficiency.

Heating Inconsistencies Between Rooms

Similarly, if your thermostat is no longer satisfying you – if some rooms are too hot while others are too chilly – or if you find yourself constantly needing to adjust your thermostat, then you should get your furnace checked. There are several issues which could prevent your furnace from properly sending the air throughout your home evenly. Rooms should feel roughly similar to one another in terms of heat.

Furnace Noises?

If you are hearing squeals, rattles, thumps, or popping sounds coming from your furnace, or you hear the blower turning on and off a lot, this is a sign that your furnace may be in its final days of functioning.

How Are You Feeling?

Most important, if you and family are getting headaches more often than usual, any feelings of disorientation or dizziness, or if you are experiencing nausea, then there is a chance your home may have a carbon monoxide leak. As furnaces get older, the heat exchanger inside will crack, and these cracks can go undetected, leading to elevated levels of carbon monoxide in your house.

Pinnacle Air Solutions Repairs and Replaces Furnaces In The Cincinnati Area

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