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Why You Need a Clean Filter in Your Furnace

clean furnace filter

Furnace maintenance tends to focus on big issues like checking for cracks in the heat exchanger or mechanical issues like cleaning sensors. The little ongoing maintenance tasks tend to fall by the wayside. However, there are a number of reasons why you need a clean air filter in your furnace – and it’s something you can do on your own!

Here are some reasons why a clean furnace air filter is important to keeping your HVAC system running in tip top shape:

It Improves Your Air Quality

A clogged air filter may still capture fine particles, but the decreased airflow through the rest of your home will worsen the overall air quality of your home.
Putting a clean air filter in your home will allow it to circulate the air through your home’s air ducts several times faster. That allows the air filter to capture
dust, dander and debris that is otherwise floating around your home. If you notice more dust around your home and especially the air vents, you should replace the air filter. Think about it this way – it is better to replace the air filter than dust the place more often.

There’s another reason a clean air filter improves your home’s air filter, and that’s related to the volume of airflow through the ducts. When the air is continually moving and kept at the ideal temperature, you avoid the buildup of humidity in the ducts that fosters mold growth. By keeping a dirty air filter in
place, you could create a mold problem in your home. In the worst cases, the mold is growing in the air filter itself. If you smell mold every time you turn on
the furnace, the dirty air filter may be the culprit.

It Extends the Life of Your Equipment

When your furnace air filters are dirty, your system works harder and longer to bring in enough air to distribute the heat through your home. When the problem is bad enough, you’re cutting years off the operating life of your furnace and the associated equipment. It is better to replace furnace air filters every month or two than your furnace a few years sooner than planned.

It Saves You Money on Your Utility Bills

If your furnace has to run harder and longer to get enough air, gas furnaces are wasting fuel and electricity at the same time. After all, you’re running the fans
much longer than is otherwise necessary. In the case of electric furnaces, your heating element is running while the fans are blasting full force trying to heat up your home. You’re wasting electricity you have to pay for whether or not you get any benefit from it.

It Saves You from Unnecessary Furnace Service Calls

It is surprising how often someone calls an HVAC repair service for a problem caused by a clogged air filter. The furnace starts up and promptly dies. The
home owner thinks it is due to an electrical problem or maybe a flame sensor problem. In reality, the furnace shuts down from a lack of air flow. Periodically cleaning or replacing the air filter will prevent unnecessary services calls. And if the furnace still dies, you’ll know it is due to something serious. Severely clogged filters also increase the odds that motors will overheat and burn out, since they’re both overworked and starved for air flow to cool them down.

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