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Geothermal Heaters in Cincinnati

Our Cincinnati area customers are asking us more and more about the use of geothermal in Cincinnati, so we wanted to share some of the reasons switch to a geothermal HVAC system is a step worth considering.   Lower bills  Compared to a gas furnace or

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Get A Head Start on Winter in Cincinnati

The question on the table – which those of us who do furnace repair in Cincinnati hear a lot – is “Do I actually need an annual furnace inspection?”  And the answer is… well, you live in Cincinnati. You should probably get one. Truly, though, a location with

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Why Does My Furnace Smell Funny?

Here in Cincinnati – and throughout the Tri-State region – we get to enjoy a wide range of natural aromas. Honeysuckle is plentiful, as is clover, and fresh-mown grass. Training your noise for some less pleasing scents, however, may help you identify issues with your

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Help, My Pilot Light Went Out

Gas furnaces and older models of propane appliances – and some newer models – have a pilot light. This flame inside the appliance stays lit at all times. The pilot light prevents gas leaks, and you can use it to restart the primary burner. If

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Keeping Your Pets Warm This Winter

Cincinnati can get chilly – like right now! Of course you know this. And this why any Cincinnati home needs some kind of heating system to keep your family comfortable – it’s why knowing a reputable HVAC company in Cincinnati is SO important. But what about

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Cincinnati Heating: What to Know about Your Heater

Given Cincinnati’s wide swings in temperature and humidity, it’s smart to understand what it takes to maintain adequate heating in your Cincinnati home. A well-heated home can keep you and your family healthy and comfortable. Cincinnati Heating Tips We recommend getting a yearly seasonal furnace tune-up.

Heating in Cincinnati: Natural Gas Furnaces

Many homes in Cincinnati use oil furnaces for their heating. Oil furnaces can be tremendously wasteful and expensive. Natural gas furnaces are generally more efficient, but older natural gas furnaces lose a great deal of their effectiveness over time. You could be losing a third

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