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Cincinnati Heating Tips: What to Know about your Heat Pump

It is helpful, as a homeowner, to understand how your heat pump works. Heat pumps are a smart invention, and are much more efficient than using gas or oil to generate heat, since they use renewable energy in the form of low-temperature heat.

In nature, heat flows from higher to lower temperature areas in water or air to maintain equilibrium. By using a small amount of drive energy from waste heat, electricity, or fuel, a heat pump can transfer heat in the opposite direction – from lower to higher temperature areas. Natural heat sources in the air, ground, or water, can be sources of the heat that the pumps draws from.

How A Heat Pump Is Different

The heat pump does not generate much heat – it merely transfers heat from one place to another. While it works to heat your home, the heat pump can remove humidity and heat from the air outside and transfer it into your home. Even if the air outside is below freezing, this air still contains a lot of heat.

Sometimes, the air coming out of the heat pump vents will feel cold as it comes into your house, because it is at a lower temperature than your body temperature. The pump, however, is still providing heat for your house.

Heat Pump & Condensation

While the pump is working, you may see water running from its outdoor coil. As moisture from the outdoor air will condense on the coil’s surface, and then run off, this is a natural part of the heat pump’s operation.

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