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Geothermal Heaters in Cincinnati

Geothermal Pinnacle Air Solutions

Our Cincinnati area customers are asking us more and more about the use of geothermal in Cincinnati, so we wanted to share some of the reasons switch to a geothermal HVAC system is a step worth considering.  

Lower bills 

Compared to a gas furnace or a heat pump-based HVAC system, a geoexchange heater can run on half the energy. In many cases, these geoexchange unit will only require one dollar’s worth of energy expenditure per day. The geoexchange unit can also assist your water heater, which will drastically reduce your water heater’s energy costs. 

Hot water 

 Speaking of reducing your water heater’s load – you can produce hot water directly from the geothermal unit. We can connect your geoexchange unit right onto your hot water tank. That way, during the summer months, the heat we pull out of air can go into your water heater instead of into the ground. 

More eco-friendly 

The EPA calls geothermal heating systems the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly type of home heating. Upgrading to a geothermal system is the carbon-footprint equivalent of planting more than 700 trees. 

No fossil fuels, so safer and tidier 

No combustion is involved, so no natural gas or propane is required. There is no possibility of carbon monoxide, weird smells, or flames. It is a cleaner and safer option than traditional heating and cooling systems.  

Less maintenance 

Traditional HVAC systems require regular maintenance, including visits at least once a year. Furnace filters need frequent cleaning and replacing. Not so with geothermal systems in Cincinnati. There is some maintenance still needed, but it’s really just the occasion filter change – far less often than the maintenance an old-fashioned HVAC unit called for.   

Interested In Geothermal In Cincinnati?

Want to learn more? Wonder if it might work for your home? Give us a ring — Pinnacle Air Solutions at 513.984.HEAT (4328). As far as geothermal in Cincinnati, Pinnacle does quality and affordable work, and has for many years.

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