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Air Conditioning installation in Cincinnati

The Importance of providing Air Conditioning installation in Cincinnati Ohio with properly sized AC units

Pinnacle Air Solutions has technicians who are skilled in assessing the needs of residence or commercial space. Our company installs AC units that can cool effectively without being over sized, which could actually result in more initial expense and higher operating costs based on inefficient operation.

In making a recommendation for an Air Conditioning installation in Cincinnati, one of Pinnacle Air Solutions highly trained and experienced technicians may consider the number of windows in your home, the square footage, the location on the lot and the amount of shade the home receives. They may also take into account the type of insulation in the walls and the ceiling. The duct work may also be checked to ensure that a specifically sized AC system can move air to each room without any restrictions in the duct. Pinnacle Air Solutions uses the duct-sizing methodology provided by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual D.

To further increase overall AC efficiency, Pinnacle Air Solutions offers duct sealing via Aeroseal.

Properly sized Air Conditioning installation in Cincinnati is Vital for Efficiency

This assessment can help us recommend the proper Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), or AC unit size, for your home or office. This metric results from a federal government mandate that every AC installation carry this rating to help homeowners evaluate the efficiency of their new Ac system. SEER ratings start at 13 and go as high as 23, however, an AC Installation in Cincinnati requires a SEER rating of 16. Of course, our technicians can help you evaluate the SEER rating that is best for your home or ofifce. Not only does this rating impact your wallet, but it also determines the environmental footprint of the AC installation.

When Pinnacle Air Solutions plans for an AC installation in Cincinnati, the actual installation of the outdoor unit, and overall unit size, is a prime consideration. An incorrectly sized or installed system may actually result in no energy savings, more maintenance and poor air flow.

The importance of AC unit size and Air Conditioning installation

Pinnacle Air Solutions offers HVAC services, including Air Conditioning, Heating, Geothermal, Air Duct Sealing and overall HVAC services to Residential and Commercial customers in the Cincinnati Ohio and surrounding areas. If you would like more information about our services, why you should work with us, and how Pinnacle Air Solutions can assist you with keeping your home or office comfortable year round with correctly sized Air Conditioning units, please contact Pinnacle Air Solutions to schedule a consultation.

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