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Choosing from AC Maintenance Companies in Cincinnati

Why choose Pinnacle Air Solutions from the many AC Maintenance companies in Cincinnati

With so many different AC Maintenance companies to choose from in the Cincinnati area, how do you know you are choosing the best one?

During maintenance inspections, HVAC companies provide pre-season preventative maintenance to ensure optimum performance of your AC system when you need it the most. This maintenance program is important to get the most energy efficient operation of your AC equipment, and the best cooling. Just as cars need servicing regularly, your air conditioning system also needs regular service. Pinnacle Air Solutions provides pre-season preventative maintenance for your AC system, as well as furnace maintenance before the cold months hit our area.

Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance Technicians

Our technicians are trained to deliver the necessary maintenance that can keep you AC operating at peak performance. As a premier Air Conditioning and HVAC company in Cincinnati, Pinnacle Air Solutions can inspect certain functional parts of the AC system and make adjustments and replace parts where necessary. One of the many important adjustments we make is to check the motor belts to ensure that these are set at the proper tension. In addition, we also adjust the thermostat settings if necessary and always check your air filter. These checks are necessary to ensure proper and efficient cooling.

Another functional maintenance procedure Pinnacle Air Solutions provides, is inspection and servicing of the evaporator coil which is the main component of the system located outside. The air is cooled as it passes over the evaporator coil, and if the coil is dirty the system may not cool efficiently. The condenser unit is also located outside, and it should be serviced and inspected by an experienced technician. The evaporator usually requires cleaning, and it is located inside above the furnace plenum.

There are other functions in the maintenance service call which all HVAC Maintenance Companies in Cincinnati should perform. Electrical conditions and connections, which may have become loose from the vibrations of the unit, may be checked and tightened. The motor cage may be cleaned of accumulated debris and dirt. The fins on the housing unit outside may be cleaned as part of company’s superior maintenance program. The refrigerant level may also be checked.

Your HVAC company should check specific parts of your AC system that are key to its efficient operation – this can help ensure that it delivers the comfort you need in the hot months.

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Pinnacle Air Solutions – Cincinnati AC Maintenance Specialists

Pinnacle Air Solutions offers AC Maintenance to Residential and Commercial customers in the Cincinnati Ohio and surrounding areas. If you would like more information about our Air Conditioning Maintenance services and how Pinnacle Air Solutions can assist you with keeping your home or office comfortable year round, please contact Pinnacle Air Solutions to schedule a consultation.

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