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Electric Furnace Installation, Repair and Maintenance in Cincinnati

Depending on certain circumstances, an electric furnace can be the most efficient heat source you can find. The Federal Trade Commission developed the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) measurement to provide homeowners with a method for determining the efficiency of a furnace in converting fuel into heat. The AFUE for an electric furnace is 100%, which means that all of the energy used by this furnace is converted into heat without any waste of the energy. The electric furnace is the only heat source that has a 100% AFUE rating. Pinnacle Air Solutions of Cincinnati Ohio has the right electric furnace for your home’s heating requirements.

While the AFUE, formula does not consider heat losses by leaks in the duct system, when you purchase an electric furnace from our company, you can also have your heat ducts checked for leaks as we offer duct sealing services. After our inspection, if needed the technicians can seal these with AeroSeal to ensure that you get the optimum benefit from your new electric furnace, which has many benefits that make it a great way to heat your home.


>A carbon monoxide leak is not possible with the use of electricity as the energy source. This is an important safety feature for protecting your family. Carbon monoxide leaks are more common than many homeowners realize.

>This furnace is the most compact residential heating unit, and it can be installed almost anywhere it will fit. It can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position.

>The motor is permanently lubricated and it has no belts to slip or that will need adjusting. This motor also has a long life.

>The heat distribution process is very quiet.

>Electricity is a clean burning source of fuel.

>Ultimate safety is provided by the overcurrent protection that complies with all code requirements.

>Automatic high temperature limit controls prevent the delivery of heated air at unsafe temperatures.

>The uniquely designed fan orifice directs air over the heating elements while preventing the side walls from becoming hot. Insulation is not required for any part of this furnace.


The electric furnace utilizes blowers to move air over the heated elements. The number of elements depends on the size of the home that the furnace is going to heat. The heating elements will activate in a sequence designed to prevent overloading the home’s electrical system. Overheating is prevented by the limit control which can shut the furnace off. The heated air uses the home’s existing duct work. The heated air is available immediately.


Overall, the electric furnace is generally the least expensive furnace to buy and to install. Pinnacle Air Solutions sells more than a furnace. We sell an efficient heating system. We make sure that you get the right furnace for your home and its specific heating needs.


The key to achieving the maximum efficiency of an electric furnace is properly sizing the furnace to meet the heating requirements of your home. Pinnacle Air Solutions uses the calculations needed for determining the number of BTUs needed for your home. The number of BTUs is converted into kilowatts. We’ll also do a load calculation to determine the exact number of kilowatts required to generate heat from an electric furnace if deemed necessary.

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