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Looking for Reputable Heating Companies in Cincinnati? Think of Pinnacle!

When the colder Fall weather starts creeping in, and you know Winter is following close behind, it is time to consider one of the reputable heating companies in Cincinnati available to provide the maintenance and repairs that your home’s heating system needs. With years of experience providing quality HVAC service with tremendous customer service, Pinnacle Air Solutions is one of the most reputable heating companies in the Cincinnati Ohio area. Whether you need a new a new heating system installed, or your HVAC repaired and maintained, we can help provide the maximum comfort level for your home.

Since our heating systems in the Cincinnati area haven’t been in use for months, it is probable that routine maintenance is required – and it’s most certainly recommended! Many of the heating system components should be cleaned because dirt is the biggest threat to the efficiency of a furnace, and dirt may also result in more energy use and thus higher monthly bills!

Now is the time to inspect, clean and make any repairs that the heating system requires. Taking care of these issues and preventative maintenance now can ensure that your home is comfortable on the first cold day – which as we know in Cincinnati, can happen very quickly and unexpectedly. Reputable heating companies in Cincinnati, like Pinnacle Air Solutions, will be very busy when the heating season begins, so now is the best time to have a maintenance service call for your heating system. The maintenance performed by Pinnacle Air Solutions can help ensure that your furnace is running at peak performance.

Maintain Your Furnace and Heating System

A dirty and inefficiently burning furnace can produce deadly amounts of carbon monoxide which is usually carried away by the venting. Older furnaces are more prone to this problem. One of the other by-products of producing heat with gas is the development of flakes of rust which can fall onto the burners and restrict the flow of gas. This problem can cause damage to your furnace by building up moisture which could then create even more problems.
Whether you have a heat pump system, gas furnace or electric furnace, our HVAC maintenance program is a good call.

Reputable heating companies in Cincinnati, like Pinnacle Air Solutions, may also check the wiring connections and look for frayed wiring. These checks can prevent many future problems. Some experts recommend that you do not shut off more than 20 percent of the vents in your home, which can result in heat resistance and the build up of heat in your furnace.

Contact Pinnacle Air Solutions today – we would be happy to explain our furnace maintenance and repair services.

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