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Furnace Maintenance in Cincinnati is Key to a Warm Home

gas furnace burnersPinnacle Air Solutions is your source for reputable furnace maintenance in Cincinnati, and has been for many years. Pinnacle’s long record of providing cost-efficient furnace maintenance has resulted in many satisfied customers who schedule seasonal maintenance. These maintenance visits happen twice each year – often in the spring and fall.

Fall is just around the corner and winter is right behind it. A cold day can arrive without warning. Even for those of us who know how wild and unpredictable the weather is here in Cincinnati, we can be taken by surprise. These quick changes in temperature are the times when a furnace will fail if it has an undetected problem. As you can imagine, cold weather always seems to cause hidden furnace problems to reveal themselves.

Why Furnace Maintenance?

We can tailor the Pinnacle Air Solutions furnace maintenance program to your furnace’s make, model and age. We know that various furnaces will have problems that are unique to a particular model, and some issues are common — such as the fan motors that need lubricating and the squirrel cages that need to be cleaned.

We maintain, repair and install gas furnace, electric furnace and heat pump systems.

We have extensive resource material available to us that describes the maintenance that your furnace may require. Our service technicians have been thoroughly trained in overall maintenance requirements, and their experience enables them to check specific parts that are known to need maintenance or that may need to be repaired.

Furnace maintenance in Cincinnati can provide the following benefits:

> Improved reliability A clean, well-kept furnace is far less likely to break down or turn off unexpectedly.

> Increased level of energy efficiency When a furnace is running at its peak performance level, you do not need to run it as long. You can also get greater results with lower temperature settings. Watch your energy bills shrink when your furnace is humming along like a well-tuned sports car.

> Better indoor air quality You may notice your family’s hay fever, allergies, sinus infections, and other ailments diminish when your furnace has fresh filters and cleaned-out ducts. A huge portion of particles in your re-circulating air can be caused by a poorly maintained furnace.

> Increased life expectancy of the furnace Get the most out of your current system by keeping it healthy. Much like keeping fresh oil in your car, a well-maintained furnace can live many years longer than one that has been left to sputter and rust on its own.

> Ensuring the safety of the occupants of your home Breathing is critical to your family’s health. The air you all breathe is as vital to your well-being as the food you eat. Air purifiers and other enhancers can only do so much if your furnace is pumping tainted air through your vents. Make sure your home’s air is clean and pure.

While inspecting and cleaning and performing your furnace maintenance, we may detect Carbon Monoxide issues with your system. Carbon Monoxide can cause serious illnesses and even death. This has no odor so it can only be detected by special equipment. We may find slow gas leaks that can result in gas poisoning. Even though natural gas has an odor added, a leak can still go unnoticed. We may also remove the dirt and debris which poses the biggest threat to your heating system.

It can certainly be reassuring to know that your heating system is getting looked at before it is needed most. To signup for a furnace maintenance plan, contact Pinnacle Air Solutions today!

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