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Furnace Replacement FAQ’s

When considering furnace replacement, there are a few questions you will likely ask. Below is helpful information related to some of the common questions that we get from our customers before we replace their furnace:

Q: What types of furnaces are there?

– Natural gas furnaces tend to be the least costly means of heating your home when temperatures drop below freezing.

– Oil furnaces can work great, but they tend to be larger than natural gas furnaces. For older homes that do not have gas lines, however, propane and oil furnaces can be excellent options. These furnaces tend to create more carbon dioxide as well.

– Electric furnaces are more efficient than either natural gas or oil furnaces, but the cost of operating an electric furnaces tends to be higher.

Q: What are the different types of furnace blowers?

A fixed-speed (or standard) blower just turns on and turns off, but a variable-speed furnace can change the speed of the blower. By going faster in colder weather, it saves energy. A variable-speed furnace is also quieter, and keeps your home temperature more constant.

Q: How much does a furnace cost to install?

There are many variable to take into account. If you need to replace your ducts, installation can take up to a week. Customarily, though, we can install a new furnace in about a day. The capacity of the furnace and the add-on accessories will also impact the cost.

The priciest home furnaces cost around $10,000, and a large multi-story home will often have multiple furnaces. Some natural gas and oil furnaces can cost considerably less – as low as $2,400 each.

Accessories that may add cost, should you choose them, include air purifiers and whole-home humidifiers.

Reliable Furnace Replacement In Cincinnati

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