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Gas Furnace Installation, Repair and Maintenance in Cincinnati

If you heat your home with an oil furnace, you could be producing more waste products and paying more for your heat than you would if you were using a natural gas furnace. That said, an older model natural gas furnace could also be wasting a lot of energy since these furnaces often operate with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating as low as 65 percent. This means that only 65 percent of the energy purchased is actually used to heat your home. The other 35 percent goes out the flue.

Why Go With A Gas Furnace in Cincinnati?

There are good reasons to install a new natural gas furnace in your home. Natural gas is one of the most efficient fuels you can use, and it produces more heat for your dollar compared to other forms of energy. Natural gas is also better for the environment since it produces less waste products. Natural gas is usually described as the cleanest burning fossil fuel, and it is also less expensive than other fossil fuels like oil and coal, both of which result in a greater carbon footprint.

A gas furnace can be inexpensive to maintain since these furnaces break down infrequently. Pinnacle Air Solutions can provide an annual check up to make any adjustments that are necessary to ensure efficient heating during the cold winter months in the Cincinnati Ohio area. Your furnace is much like a car; it needs a regular maintenance check up. In the rare instance when a gas furnace needs to be repaired, Pinnacle Air Solutions have skilled technicians available to make the repairs efficiently and without any disruption to your home. The increased reliability of a gas furnace makes this a better choice for a consistent supply of heat. Losing heat on a cold winter night is not enjoyable.

Gas Furnace Options

Pinnacle Air Solutions has a variety of furnace options available with a wide range of AFUE ratings. Our experienced specialists can determine the correctly sized unit that will serve your home or office best. The size is measured in BTUs, or British Thermal Units. We use a load calculation to determine the size of the furnace that your home would need. If a newly installed unit is too large, then it may turn off and on too often and it will lose efficiency. On the flip side, if unit is under sized and too small, then it can run too often and it will not provide enough heat. We can also use the heating degree day calculation which is another method for determining the number of BTUs per hour.

Factors Determining Gas Furnace Size

Other factors enter into our recommendation for furnace size. These are:
1. The square footage of the home.
2. The number of windows and the type of glass these have.
3. The amount and quality of insulation in the attic and the walls.
4. The efficiency of the duct work.
5. The number and location of shade trees.
6. The direction the home faces.

These are the factors that may influence how easy or how difficult it will be for the gas furnace to heat your home or office. These factors could affect the blower motor size and the number of BTUs. Pinnacle Air Solutions will work to provide you with the best option for your needs.

Contact the Cincinnati Gas Furnace Specialists

Pinnacle Air Solutions can install a new furnace, repair an old one, and provide experienced maintenance for your current heating source. We can also replace your oil furnace or your current gas furnace with the best gas furnace installed by professional technicians. Contact us today at 513.984.HEAT (4328) to learn more!

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