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Reputable Heating Companies In Cincinnati

How To Find Reputable Heating Companies In Cincinnati

How do you best find the best and most reputable heating companies in Cincinnati? Call Pinnacle Air Solutions of course! But if you want to do research and compare, here is some information to look for.

Begin by developing a list of heating companies that have been in business for a significant period; avoid the fly-by-night companies. Make sure the companies you are interested in are licensed by the City of Cincinnati Building and Inspections Department and that they are compliant with the Contractor Registration Guidelines. Companies should be able to show you proof of their compliance. They should also have the appropriate state license. It is also a good idea to ask to see their liability insurance declaration and their workers compensation insurance proof. You can check the Cincinnati and Hamilton County court records to see if a company has been or is involved in a lawsuit.

When you have selected a company, develop a list of questions to ask them. The list might include the following:

How long have you been in business?
Do you have a physical address?
Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?
Do you have a current license and a liability insurance policy?
How much training has been provided for the service techs?
Are your techs NATE certified? (This is the heating industry’s technician Certification program)
Are techs available that have been specifically trained on repairing residential furnaces?
Are your techs trained to work on my furnace brand?
Are the techs on your payroll, or are they subcontracted?
Do your techs have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment?
Do your techs wear uniforms and carry ID?
What is your hourly rate?
Do you charge for travel time?
Do you charge a minimum service call fee and an hourly fee?
Do you charge for having to go get a part?
Do you provide after hours emergency service, and if so what is your fee?

You will find that Pinnacle Air Solutions answers all of these questions with an unqualified, positive answer that will assure you of our dedication to provide you with the most efficient and high-quality heating and cooling work for your home or office in Cincinnati Ohio.

Pinnacle Air Solutions Is A Reputable Heating Company In Cincinnati

For more information about heating services in Cincinnati Ohio, contact the HVAC professionals at Pinnacle Air Solutions 513.984.HEAT (4328) or use our contact form.

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