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Geothermal Installers In Cincinnati

Choosing an installer from among the many Geothermal installers in Cincinnati is the most important decision to make when purchasing a Geothermal cooling and heating system. In fact, one of the most important factors in achieving the high degree of efficiency is the actual installation. The U.S. Department of Energy states that while there are several factors that contribute to achieving high efficiency, the quality of installation is a large part.

When selecting a contractor from reputable Geothermal installers in Cincinnati, it is essential to take into consideration the level of detail included in a proposal, the sizing the contractor proposes for the system, and their experience and certifications. A contractor should not use the cost factor as a means to push the homeowner into a new fossil fuel system. Duct work should be inspected and the drilling process for the tubing installation should be thoroughly explained.

HVAC contractors should properly size the Geothermal equipment and the loops by conducting a Heatload Calculation. This calculation uses several factors such as the size of the rooms, size of windows, location of the home relative to its orientation on the lot, and the type and color of the shingles. The Heatload Calculation can help ensure that the Geothermal system is properly sized.

The characteristics of the land may be studied by the HVAC company, including geological, spatial and hydrological. The soil composition and the presence of rock material affect heat transfer properties. Hydrology science may be used to asses ground or surface water availability to determine the best loop system to use. The use of vertical or horizontal loops. Landscaping, in-ground utilities and lot size may also determine the loop system. If vertical closed-loops are to be installed, then Geothermal installers in Cincinnati may use an experienced driller who is familiar with the local topography and soil composition.

Geothermal installers in Cincinnati should have the International Ground Source Heat Pump certification and the North American Technician Excellence certification.

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