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Heat Pump Installation, Repair and Maintenance in Cincinnati

Installing a Heat pump in your home may be a good solution for both your heating and cooling needs, as the climate in the Cincinnati area is ideal for this HVAC option. Many times, the Heat Pump is an energy efficient alternative to air conditioners and furnaces. The Heat Pump consists of two parts: One part is indoors and it is called an air handler. The other part is located outdoors and it is the Heat Pump. Pinnacle Air Solutions would be happy to explain more about the temperature control process during an in-person consultation, and of course perform heat pump repairs in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.


A Heat Pump unit is constantly moving warm air to where it is needed, or from where it is not needed depending on the seasonal needs. In the winter months, even the cold air has heat energy. A Heat Pump removes this heat from the outside air and transfers it to the inside – providing heat for the home. This process is reversed in the Summer, where warm air is removed from the home. A home’s duct system is generally more than adequate for a Heat Pump to work. For homes without ducts, a mini-split Heat Pump is ductless version that is available. There are also Heat Pumps for use with radiant floor heating systems when a heating mode is needed.

Another feature is that these units relocate heat instead of generating heat. This means that Heat Pumps can provide temperature control for as little as one quarter of the cost of operating the traditional heating or cooling equipment. They can also dehumidify better than an air conditioning systems which means less energy will be used to achieve comfort in the summer. Cost savings!!

Heat Pumps can also be equipped with electric resistance heaters and burners to ensure that the needed warm air is delivered in the coldest weather. These systems also reduce the use of electricity. More Cost Savings!!


In addition to the temperature control benefits in the summer and the winter, there are other benefits that are important to consider:

>It is safe since it does not rely on flames or natural gas to work.

>It does not burn oxygen. This means the rooms should not feel stuffy and the danger of a combustion problem is nonexistent.

>The air quality is improved because the air is filtered and does not contain residual matter from combustion.

>Saves space because it requires less room for the installation.

>Highly efficient with average Coefficient of Performance figures of four or more. This means that for every $1 spent on energy the home can get the equivalent of $4 worth of heating or cooling.

>Environmentally friendly. This is a good way to support the greening of America. Heat Pumps do not create carbon emissions.

>Condensation is reduced since the rooms are dehumidified.

>A home can increase in value due to the quality of heating and cooling that is provided more efficiently than by any other method.

>Carbon monoxide poisoning is not a risk since Heat Pumps do not use fossil fuel.


Heat Pumps do have a few disadvantages:

> They can be more costly to install than a traditional heating and cooling system.

> Not suitable for regions where extreme cold weather is experienced.

> Some homeowners report that the air generated in the winter feels cold. However, this problem is often corrected by changing the direction of the vents.


Our staff of experts can discuss with you whether a Heat Pump is right for your home. Contact Pinnacle Air Solutions today to discuss all of your HVAC options!

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