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Aeroseal – Cincinnati Ductwork Sealing

Are Leaking Ducts Costing You More Than You Think?

You can see a water leak, but an air leak is invisible. Duct leaks can be difficult and costly to find with ductwork hidden between the walls, floors, and ceilings of any residential home or commercial building. The older, traditional use of mastic (a messy caulk-like substance) or taping of leaks not only is less effective than Aeroseal, but also can be very labor-intensive and expensive and can only be applied to ducts with physical access. Other substances break down over time, but the Aeroseal sealant does not and even has a 10 year WARRANTY to back it up.

Do-it-yourselfers might attempt their own fixes, but what about those ducts you or your HVAC specialist can’t see or access? Let Aeroseal handle the entire job and you won’t be tearing up your home or worried about incomplete seals. Aeroseal pinpoints and covers leaks, in roughly an hour, from the inside out with a success rate of up to 98%. Aeroseal is the most effective, affordable, and viable method of sealing air duct leaks on the market.

In commercial buildings most ducts have none to very limited physical access, which lends Aeroseal to be the only solution in the market which can guarantee results and improvements.

The measured result of a typical Aeroseal air duct sealing process is shown below:

  • Aeroseal can reduce duct leakage by up to 90%, reduce your energy use by up to 30%. Aeroseal has also been shown to dramatically improve comfort and homeowner satisfaction with their heating and cooling systems.
  • Leaky ducts in a residential home contribute to:
    • Loss of cool and warm conditioned air to the outside or unconditioned spaces of your home resulting in high energy bills
    • Even the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems not performing at its best
    • Forcing your system to work harder and wear out sooner, costing you yet more money
    • Excess humidity levels that can lead to costly home repairs
    • Hard to heat or cool rooms leading to discomfort
    • Musty odors and other indoor air quality (IAQ) issues

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Cincinnati Ductwork Sealing

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