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Cincinnati Heating Tips: Three Most Common Furnace Repairs

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Common Furnace Repairs

The 3 most common furnace repairs can often be detected by a routine inspection of your heating system before they cause a failure of the furnace to produce heat. The highly trained and expert technicians at Pinnacle Air Solutions of Cincinnati Ohio will make these repairs and ensure the continuing comfort of your home. Of course, it is always better to discover the potential for problems and make the necessary repairs before they cause your heating system to malfunction. Pinnacle Air Solutions has identified three common furnace repairs in the list that follows:

A Broken Air Handler

The air handler circulates warm air throughout your home. A motor, fan and belt are the parts that make up the air handler system. Any one of these parts can fail, but the most likely part to fail will be the motor and the fan belt. The motor can fail if it is not oiled (if it has the oil ports). Otherwise, the motor may be old and worn too badly to function properly. The fan belt often needs adjusting or tightening. It may need to be replaced. If the cage that houses the air handling system becomes dirty and full of debris, then the system will be subjected to more wear. The techs at Pinnacle Air Solutions can clean and adjust this system.

A Faulty Thermocouple

The thermocouple is a safety device that controls the amount of gas that flows into the furnace burners. This part is attached to the pilot light or the ignition system and is a part of the ignition system in some gas furnace brands. The gas will not flow into the furnace, and the furnace will not generate heat when this part fails. Thermocouples fail often, and it is not a part that gives a warning it is about to fail. Some homeowners routinely replace this part.

Faulty Burners

A faulty burner will not always stop your furnace from generating heat, but it will limit its heating capacity. The burner combines gas with air to create the combustion required to produce heat. A burner mechanism may be faulty, or it may require a thorough cleaning to remove dust and dirt, which builds up on the burner mechanism.

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