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Five Ways to Save Money on your Air Conditioning

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Getting through a humid summer is no easy feat. The heat can be oppressive, well into the night. The air feels like it is stagnant, and our body heat seems to only intensify it.

Your air conditioning unit is your dear friend. It may be your best friend, but you still don’t want it to drive up your energy bill.

How can you cut costs over the summer, when it comes to chilling out your home?

Turn Off Lights

Even if you are using energy-efficient LED lights, those lights are hurting you in a few ways. They are eating up energy, and they are making your house warmer – fighting against your HVAC’s best efforts. Keep those lights off unless you really need them, and absolutely keep them off if you are away from your home.

Use Fans Too

Ceiling fans and floor fans can assist your AC. Get that cooled air circulating with those fan blades, and you could lower your home’s air temperature by at least a few degrees.

Change the Temperature

At night, let your thermostat go higher. Once you are asleep, you will not notice the difference as much. If you are away at work, let the temperature be higher too. Fine to keep your AC on, but you do not need it as low at 72 all day and all night.

Look at Those Vents and Windows

Close your blinds and curtains during the day, and block some of that solar heat. Also, close off the vents in any rooms that are unoccupied during the day. No need to cool off an empty room.

Have a Pro Inspection

You may have issues with your ducts. You may have an AC unit that is not functioning as efficiently as it could. Have a professional HVAC service do a proper inspection.

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