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Time to Schedule Winter HVAC Seasonal Maintenance in Cincinnati

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Part of HVAC Maintenance in Cincinnati is preparing your home’s heating system for winter which is coming sooner than we may think. This means it is time for maintenance of the complete heating system that makes your home comfortable in the cold winter months. The maintenance provided by Pinnacle Air Solutions also includes a thorough inspection of all functional components of the system.

Pinnacle Air Solutions is a reputable heating company in Cincinnati with many years of experience in making sure that homes are properly heated in the winter – ensuring our customers are comfortable in the cold weather. Heat not only serves to keep the occupants warm, but it also serves to protect the home’s infrastructure including the water pipes. You can be assured that HVAC Maintenance performed by Pinnacle Air Solutions will make your heating system safe and efficient, while using less energy.

Dirt is one of the biggest enemies of any furnace and can result in waste of fuel, while significantly lowering the efficiency of a furnace. One very unfortunate problem with dirt is the furnace can overheat. All three of the basic components of the furnace are affected, and therefore, we make cleaning vital parts of your electric or gas furnace part of our regular maintenance.

Our Winter HVAC Maintenance program includes an 18 point inspection of your heating system.

hvac in cincinnatiOf particular concern is a dirty burner and a cracked heat exchanger because these conditions can cause poor burner operation and waste fuel. Either can cause a heating system to operate less efficiently and safely, and it may cause your furnace to cease to operate at all. Pinnacle Air Solutions technicians are trained in the inspection and maintenance of all components related to safety as well as to the efficient operation of your furnace.

To schedule your Winter Heating System Maintenance, please call us today at 513.984.HEAT (4328).

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