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older air conditioner using r22 freon

How Have Air Conditioners Improved?

Humans have been trying to cool down their homes for thousands of years. Probably for tens of thousands of years, but humans have done it with some success for at least 3,000 years. Back in those early days, in China of 1,000 B.C.E., people used

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Cool Question: Is Air Conditioning A Human Right?

In the 1960s, the South experienced an economic boom. A big part of this boom, it is argued, was due to the invention and rapid spread of air conditioning. Parts of the South that were miserable during the summer were now comfortably inhabitable. Businesses flourished.

older air conditioner using r22 freon

Good Samaritans Bring Air Conditioning to Those Who Need It

Air conditioning is a fundamental good. It brings joy, and relief, and great comfort.  We provide air conditioning repair in Cincinnati, but those of us who work in the field of air conditioning are related. We all serve a similar purpose.   Recently, in Annapolis, Maryland, a

hvac in cincinnati - air conditioning

When You Should Get Help With Your Air Conditioning

When you have been doing air conditioning repair in Cincinnati for as long as we have, you begin to notice certain trends and tell-tale signs. You also know what the breaking points are for peoples’ AC units, and what the indicator signs are that repair is needed. 

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16-year-old Girl Developing a New Air Conditioner

As we wrote about earlier this month in “Will the World be as Cool as Cincinnati?,” India is expected to double its demand for air conditioning in the next 15 years. Helping meet the challenge is a 16-year-old female engineering student from the Indian city

$1,200 Rebate On Select Bryant Evolution Systems

The Cincinnati Summer is around the corner, and it’s gonna be hot! Of course Pinnacle Air Solutions provides Air Conditioning Repair in Cincinnati, but for the times when you have to replace your AC system, it’s good to know about special offers. GET UP TO

Who Invented Air Conditioning?

We know it, we love it. But just who invented the wonderfulness of air conditioning? The twentieth century had just begun. Willis Carrier, an engineer from snowy Angola, New York, had recently graduated from Cornell University. In his first few years in the work force,

A Guide to Maintaining Air Conditioning in Cincinnati

  Cincinnati Air Conditioning Will Be Needed Soon! It’s cold now…. but Cincinnati is about to get hot. Very hot. Summer is around the corner, and your air conditioner is limbering up, preparing for the long season of running and cooling and sucking humidity out

Do People in Cincinnati Use Inverter Air Conditioners?

What Are Inverter Air Conditioners? We hear a lot of questions about inverter air conditioners in Cincinnati, and hoped to address some of your queries here. Traditional AC Systems Traditional air conditioning systems are fixed-speed air conditioning, or non-inverter. These systems have a fixed speed,

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