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How To Use Your Furnace to Filter the Air

Your furnace, and its furnace filters (are your filters changed and clean?), do many things for your house. The furnace keeps you warm, of course. What you may not know, though, is that the thermostat fan helps keep your air cleaner. Letting that fan run

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A Few Tips for Taming Your Winter Heating Bill

Too many blogs that discuss how to keep warm during these cold Cincinnati winters will tell you to save on your winter heating bill by turning down the thermostat, putting on some extra layers and hoping that a warm mug of your favorite beverage will

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Cincinnati Heating in the Winter: Common Concerns

When those cold snaps hit Cincinnati, our furnaces and heating systems can falter. Some issues are more frequent than others. These are the ones we hear about the most: Why Is My Furnace Turning On And Off? A faulty thermostat can cause the heater to

Cincinnati heating company

Cincinnati Heating Tips To Stay Comfortable This Winter

This is Cincinnati! And as you probably know, heating is crucial in the winter time – and so is knowing a trustworthy Cincinnati HVAC company. That said, there are a few things you should do (and avoid doing), in the interest of keeping your energy

Cincinnati Heating Tips: How to Heat Your Home Wisely

Winter is coming. WINTER. Is. Coming. Here in the northlands of greater Cincinnati, from the wind-swept plains of Springdale to the chilled tundra of Goshen… from the icy vales of Anderson Township to the snow-capped forests of Loveland… you’re going to need your furnace working

Cincinnati Heating Tips: What Your Furnace is Telling You

As we head into the autumn, you should know that there are several telltale signs that your furnace needs maintenance or replacement. Increasing Gas and Electric Bills? If your gas and electric bills are going up, it may be that your aging furnace is needing

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