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Cincinnati Heating Tips: Your Furnace’s Heat Exchanger

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Understanding The Dangers That Furnace Heat Exchangers Can Pose

When providing HVAC services, including gas furnace maintenance in Cincinnati, a critical component to inspect is the Heat Exchanger. Every homeowner should have an understanding of how the Heat Exchanger works and the dangers it can pose.

The gas burners in your furnace heat the Heat Exchanger, and the gas furnace blower moves room air across the outside of the Heat Exchanger. This warms the air that will be sent through the ducts at about 50 to 90 degrees warmer than the air being returned. The air passes through, and on, the outside of the Heat Exchanger. Any hole, crack or split will cause the air to be pushed to the inside of the Heat Exchanger and not into the indoor airflow.

This is where a major problem can be created. A large enough crack in the Heat Exchanger usually causes the gas burner flames to pour out of the front burner openings. This problem can cause a fire, and it can burn critical wiring.

If the crack is large, then it may cause a delayed ignition of a buildup of gas. This can also cause concussive ignition, which if bad enough, can blow the front panels off of the furnace. The pilot light will blow out in older furnaces.

In instances where the crack is very large, it can cause gas burner flames to roll out of the furnace. The Heat Exchanger can create a dangerous situation. In some furnaces, a Heat Exchanger with a crack can cause a build up of carbon monoxide that will escape into the room and can be picked up by the home’s airflow and pushed throughout the home. This is why having a carbon monoxide detector in your home is so vital.

The Heat Exchanger must be inspected yearly as part of furnace maintenance in Cincinnati before the heating season begins to ensure that the home has heat and to avoid the danger of fire.

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