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The Importance Of Tuning Up Your Heater

Time To Tune Up Your Cincinnati Furnace! It’s that time of year, Cincinnati! As a reputable heating company in Cincinnati, we are accustomed to making house calls. Our heater tune-ups are down to a science – we know exactly what to do to make sure your

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Why September Is A Good Month For A Furnace Exam

September is a lovely month for a variety of reasons. There’s a cooling in the air, the leaves are turning, the creeks are running, the Cincinnati feels soft and warm, and, for geothermal installers in Cincinnati, it is a time when we get to visit many

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Get A Head Start on Winter in Cincinnati

The question on the table – which those of us who do furnace repair in Cincinnati hear a lot – is “Do I actually need an annual furnace inspection?”  And the answer is… well, you live in Cincinnati. You should probably get one. Truly, though, a location with

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How Your Furnace Works With Your Central Air Conditioner

The heating and the air conditioning systems work on the same principle, and that is that heat always travels from a warm object to a cooler one. While furnaces transfer heat into the air to warm your home, air conditioners remove heat to cool your

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Why Does My Furnace Smell Funny?

Here in Cincinnati – and throughout the Tri-State region – we get to enjoy a wide range of natural aromas. Honeysuckle is plentiful, as is clover, and fresh-mown grass. Training your noise for some less pleasing scents, however, may help you identify issues with your

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Help, My Pilot Light Went Out

Gas furnaces and older models of propane appliances – and some newer models – have a pilot light. This flame inside the appliance stays lit at all times. The pilot light prevents gas leaks, and you can use it to restart the primary burner. If

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Scheduling a Cincinnati Furnace Maintenance Visit

Keeping your heating system clean and maintained is good for your home, for several reasons. This seasonal furnace maintenance helps with safety concerns, but it also keeps your heating system running efficiently, which can reduce your energy bills and keep you more comfortable this winter. Seasonal

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