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Cincinnati Heating: What to Know about Your Heater

Cincinnati heating company

Given Cincinnati’s wide swings in temperature and humidity, it’s smart to understand what it takes to maintain adequate heating in your Cincinnati home. A well-heated home can keep you and your family healthy and comfortable.

Cincinnati Heating Tips

We recommend getting a yearly seasonal furnace tune-up. Savings on your energy bill, not to mention the headaches it prevents by avoiding full breakdowns, make it well worth the small investment.

Older Furnaces

With older furnaces, you could be wasting more than 25% of the heat the system is creating, due to leaky flues, or simply an inefficient older furnace. The newer furnaces are much more energy-efficiency, and recent improvements in HVAC technology have made home heating a much smarter and more sustainable field.

The Blower Motor

Also, if your air conditioning system uses the furnace’s blower to circulate the cooled air, it will save you money to have a professional look at both systems at once. You will likely save at least one quarter of the installation cost to replace both at once.

Your Windows

Smart use of your window shades and curtains can help lower your home energy costs as well. If you open the coverings on all windows facing south during the daylight hours, you can use the warmth from those sun rays to help heat your home, even without a solar energy system. Closing all of those south-facing windows at night can keep retain some of that daytime shine, too.

Close the Fireplace!

Closing the damper and doors on your fireplace(s) can reduce the amount of heat you lose through your chimney as well.

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