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Telltale Signs of a Faulty Heater – Tips From A Cincinnati Furnace Company

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Heating systems generally last around a decade in the Cincinnati area – sometimes 15 years or more. That means, if you installed a new furnace after Y2K, or in the few years after that, it could be entering its autumn years.

Repeated Furnace Repairs

If you are noticing repeated needs for repairs, that is certainly a sign that your furnace may be on its last legs. The majority of breakdowns in heating systems happen during the last two years of operation.

Why Are Some Rooms In My House Colder Than Others?

If you have noticed the temperature differential between rooms increasing, that is another telltale sign. It is natural for some rooms to be a bit cooler or warmer than others, given the different venting and airflow of the various spaces. But if the cooler rooms are getting colder, and the warmer rooms are getting warmer, then your thermostat may not be talking to the furnace correctly. This is a common problem with modern heating systems, and can especially frequent in the drafty older houses of southern Ohio and northern Kentucky.

“My Furnace Is Making Strange Noises”

If your furnace is making strange noises, then you should get it checked out. High-pitched whines, pops, and “bam” sounds are often the telltale complaint of an ailing heating system – you may need to replace your furnace – call a professional – hopefully it’s just needing a furnace repair.

How Does Your Gas Furnace Flame Look?

The flame on your gas heater should look blue, and should be a consistent flame. If the flame flickers or looks yellowish, then it may be burning inconsistently, and your system could be emitting carbon monoxide into the air. If you or your family members are getting headaches or feeling light-headed or dizzy, this may be the issue. If you feel you may have a carbon monoxide leak, you should get everyone outside and call the gas company or fire department to shut off your gas. After that, contact us and we can see what may be wrong with your furnace.

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