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Cincinnati Heating Tips: Dryness, Humidifiers, Humidity, and Heating

As Cincinnatians, we are well acquainted with discussions of humidity. The percentage of moisture in the air can make the weather unbearable, tolerable, or very comfortable, depending on your disposition.

Humidity in the winter

Since Cincinnati is so prone to high levels of humidity, you should be aware of how it affects your ability to heat your home. Air conditioning in 98 percent humidity in August is one thing, but heating during the dry winters is another challenge altogether.

The humidity level drops precipitously during the winter months, both outside and inside. The dryness of the air can make your home feel much colder than it actually is – this is not merely a psychological effect. This is essentially the wind chill inside your house, the perceived temperature rather than the real temperature.

The professionals at Pinnacle Air Solutions can come visit you for a free consultation if you would like in-person help with your home’s heating and humidity control in Cincinnati. Talking with one of our representatives face-to-face is often easier than researching these topics online, and the visit has no charge attached.

Humidity in the summer

During the summer, you may have been running a dehumidifier, but in the winter, try turning on a humidifier. If the relative humidity inside your house has dropped below 50 percent, then the normal levels of heat your furnace provides will not suffice in keeping you comfortable. Use your humidifier to raise your internal relative humidity above 60 percent, and you will find you’ll only need to keep your thermostat in the low 70s, rather than above 80 where it might have been to maintain comfort. Pinnacle Air Solutions offer whole house humidifiers, which can really help your Cincinnati home comfort.

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