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Help, My Pilot Light Went Out

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Gas furnaces and older models of propane appliances – and some newer models – have a pilot light. This flame inside the appliance stays lit at all times. The pilot light prevents gas leaks, and you can use it to restart the primary burner.

If you turn off the gas or run out of propane, the pilot light will go out. There are other reasons a pilot light may go out, which will certainly require a visit from a professional – gas valves malfunctioning, vents malfunctioning, insufficient gas pressure, etc.

If your pilot light goes out, you should know how to safely re-light it. Usually, your furnace will have instructions printed on it, which can help guide you through the process. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions to ensure your safety.

Keep in mind – if you need to turn on your furnace pilot light often, there is most likely a larger problem at hand. To ensure your pilot light is turned on safely, call the Cincinnati heating professionals at Pinnacle Air Solutions at 513.984.HEAT to set up a home visit.

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