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Using Extension Cords For Heating Your Home

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Pinnacle Air Solutions is a Cincinnati heating and air conditioning company, so why are we talking about electricity? We are your neighbors here in the Cincinnati area, and we care about your safety. Electrical safety is an important concern, and one especially key to keep in mind during these icy Cincinnati winters.

Are Electrical Extension Cords Safe?

Electrical extension cords are really only meant for temporary use. Frequent use can make one of these cords fall apart quickly, and this can create an electric shock or a fire hazard. Ideally, you can find a solution that does not involve extension cords, but if you need one for the time being, there are ways you can be safer when using them.

For starters, only use three-prong and/or polarized plugs. Two-prong extension cords are a relic, and we should all think about phasing them out. Never change a three-prong cord to fit into a two-prong outlet, either – you could shock yourself.

Why Does My Extension Cord Feel Hot?

Do not use any extension cord that feels hot to the touch. This is a sign of cord damage, and touching even a single strand of the exposed wiring could burn you, or cause a severe electrical shock.

Do Not Cover Extension Cords With Rugs

Never run extension cords under carpeting or rugs. Heat needs to escape the cord, and covering it prevents this cooling, and is a fire hazard. You also want to avoid running any cords through ceilings or floors, or through walls or doorways.

Is Using An Extension Cord With Portable Heaters Okay?

If you are using an extension cord for an appliance, make sure it is only one appliance. If you plan to use an extension cord with a portable heater, make sure you particular space heater allows for it – many have warnings and disclaimers within their manual stating they should not be used. Generally, this is NOT a recommended practice.

Cincinnati Heating – Check Your Extension Cords

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), we should not substitute extension cords for permanent wiring. If you can remove extension cords from your home wiring, either by moving the objects requiring power or by hiring an electrician to add outlets, please do. If you are needing a portable heater, it’s possible your home is not being warmed properly. For a free Cincinnati consultation about your heat pump or heating system, fill out our contact form or call the Cincinnati HVAC professionals from Pinnacle Air Solutions at 513.984.HEAT (4328).

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