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Cincinnati Heating in the Winter: Common Concerns

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When those cold snaps hit Cincinnati, our furnaces and heating systems can falter. Some issues are more frequent than others. These are the ones we hear about the most:

Why Is My Furnace Turning On And Off?

A faulty thermostat can cause the heater to cycle from off to on to off again, and an old filter can be a culprit with this as well. This rapid cycling can do a lot of damage to your HVAC system.

Why Is My Furnace Filter So Dirty?

You should change your furnace filters monthly (or every few months). A clogged and soiled filter can disrupt your whole heating system, and will make it consume more energy (and more of your cash) as well. Regular filter cleanings and replacing will help ensure that your furnace operates smoothly.

My Furnace Is Always On

Sometimes the blowers on a furnace remain on, even if you have the thermostat turned down on a warmer day. This will not only create a waste of energy for you, but can cause your whole heating unit to burn out ahead of its usual life expectancy. In such cases, we should take a look at your limit switch.

My Furnace Is Running But There Is No Heat

There are several reasons why your HVAC system is providing no heat. It could be the pilot light, the thermostat setting, or something else more difficult to diagnose.

Why Isn’t Thermostat Working

You can break the heater’s fan if your thermostat runs at the wrong times. Plus, your house may be hotter than it needs to be on warm days, and freezing during the snowstorms. If your thermostat is behaving erratically, we can help set it straight, especially with a brand new wi-fi thermostat.

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