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16-year-old Girl Developing a New Air Conditioner

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As we wrote about earlier this month in “Will the World be as Cool as Cincinnati?,” India is expected to double its demand for air conditioning in the next 15 years.

Helping meet the challenge is a 16-year-old female engineering student from the Indian city of Jhansi.

Kalyani Shrivastava studies at Lokamanya Tilak InterCollege, and is the daughter of two teachers.

Shrivastana calls her innovation “Desi AC,” and it is a thermocol ice box that releases air through a 12-volt DC fan. The Desi AC unit, she estimates, would cost about $28 to produce (1,800 Indian rupees).

Her air conditioner causes no pollution, and by releasing cool air from the elbow of the unit, it can cause a temperature drop of 7-9 degrees Fahrenheit (4-5 degrees Celsius). It functions off of solar energy, and is designed to use as little energy as possible.

Currently, India is expecting to need as many as 300 new electrical power plants to address air conditioning needs alone – the country is expecting a boom in new air conditioner purchases as the Indian middle class continues to flourish.

The Japanese government, upon learning of Shrivastava’s Desi AC invention, invited her to travel to Japan for a science seminar.

On a side note, the young inventor is also a gifted singer, and reached the third round of the Indian Idol televised singing competition.

It is difficult to predict when such innovations may reach the market, but we here at Pinnacle Air Solutions are watching with rapt attention, and will deliver those cost-savings and energy savings here in Cincinnati as soon as they are available. We will keep you posted as developments continue. Until then, if you are looking for current innovative ways to keep your home cool and your family comfortable during the summer months, give us a ring to discuss options.


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