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Will The World Be As Cool As Cincinnati?

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Air conditioner is something we assume to be present in Cincinnati homes. With summer temperatures setting new records every year, having cooling airflow is essential.
In other parts of the world, though, AC is not a given.

About two decades ago, Chinese city-dwellers bought 200,000,000 room air conditioners. Previously un-air-conditioned parts of Beijing, Shanghai, and other metropolises now had air conditioning.

This surge in new appliances helped drive the innovations which improved HVAC technology. Today’s air conditioners are considerably more efficient and energy-saving than they were 20 years ago.

Nonetheless, these 200 million new air conditioners created an enormous new demand for electricity. The demand from these new air conditioners was six times the amount of electricity California’s 39 million residents use, according to Forbes.

China’s recent changes are in the news recently because of their relevance to India.

India’s electricity demands are expected to double by 2032. India’s major cities are very hot, and the subcontinent is home to 1.3 billion people. Most of the country’s interior has temperatures averaging over 90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the pre-monsoon season, which is April to June.

As Indian consumers invest in home air conditioning, the country is expecting to need up to 300 new electric power plants to accommodate the demand.

This demand is likely to lead to more efficient air conditioners. Nikit Abhyankar, a senior scientific engineering associate at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, spoke recently at Stanford University about the Indian air-conditioning spike.

Abhyankar says that air conditioners sold in South Korea today are 50 percent more efficient, and that those high efficiency AC systems, which use alternative refrigerants, may flourish in India. Recently, the Indian government has instituted a program which lowered the cost of LED light bulbs from $5 each to less than 50 cents each. Such a program is likely in progress to encourage energy-efficient air conditioners. We here in the USA, and specifically here in Cincinnati, look forward to reaping the benefits from these global energy innovations.

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