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The Future Of Cool: Are Transparent AC Units Coming Soon?

the future of air conditioning

As the adage goes, wonders never cease. In this case, the wonders are in the form of a bladeless air conditioner that does not obstruct the view through your video.

Google, based in Mountain View, California, has just secured the patent on an air conditioner that you can look straight through, somewhat similar in appearance to Dyson’s bladeless fans.

These air conditioners, still in the design and planning phases, also allow light to go through, and do not block any of the view through the window.

According to the patent, the air conditioning has “evaporator loops” that use significantly less electricity to cool a room.

Google claims that the new design makes a better seal with the window, and since it does not have a fan, it is much quieter than traditional air-conditioning units.

It does not use a refrigerant, but instead employs “Peltier-based cooling.” The Peltier effect happens when you make electrodes from conducting material, and apply voltage between them. Cooling with this effects supposedly uses much less electricity and therefore has a lower carbon footprint.

This approach appears to have some commonalities with the Air Multiplier bladeless fan, which Dyson released in 2014. This fan is 75 percent quieter than traditional fans, due to reduced turbulence, noise cancellation, and the Helmholtz cavity, which dissipates some of the resulting sound waves from the air displacement. Reportedly, the Dyson fans use about 40 percent less energy than comparable fans.

We do not know how soon Google’s new air conditioning patent will go into production, but we expect that it will be incorporated into the company’s “smart home” design plans.

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