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Bears Take Over Air Conditioning Truck

california bear in hvac truck

A California company similar to ours – dealing in HVAC and residential climate control – had a close encounter with a family of bears this week.

As the video from this Los Angeles television station shows, the mama bear climbed into the driver’s seat of a work truck, and spent a fair amount of time in that bucket seat while her cubs were playing on the pavement next to her.

The employees of Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning were amused to find the bear enjoying their ride, and waited for her to finish her time testing out their seat. The workers had gone to retrieve a set of tools from the truck when the mama bear climbed in.

We here at Pinnacle Air Solutions promise to be just as level-headed if a bear makes her way into one of our trucks here in Cincinnati, and we hope to maintain that same level of cool composure. We will try to shoot some video as well, should the opportunity arise. Until then, we’ll continue to keep your family cool in the summer and warm in the winter with affordable heating, cooling geothermal solutions.

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