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Heating in Cincinnati: Why Not Repair Your Own Furnace?

You leave it alone for months at a time, but when you need it, your furnace is just about the most important component of your house. Furnace maintenance in Cincinnati is key, and there are certainly some steps you can take on your own to keep your Cincinnati home warm during the winter.

Replace your furnace filter

You can change your furnace’s air filter, which will help your home air quality and the efficiency of your home’s heating system, whether it’s a gas furnace, electric furnace or heat pump, etc.

Reset your furnace

You can “reset” your home’s furnace. We recommend letting us do this for you – and our consultations are free in the Cincinnati Ohio area – but if you want to try it, you can switch your furnace to the “off” position. Then turn the specific power breaker off and back on for your furnace’s circuit. If you have tripped the circuit breaker, then resetting or power-cycling your furnace would be a smart step to take.

Quick clean your vents

You can also clean your vents with a vacuum hose and a damp cloth or set of paper towels.

Call a professional HVAC company

For other repairs, there are many reasons why you want to call a professional such as Pinnacle Air Solutions. Carbon monoxide can leak out, whether you are dealing with an inducer fan motor or any of the sealants that keep your furnace self-contained. Carbon monoxide is toxic and potentially fatal, and can be difficult to detect in your air.

The gas pressure of your furnace is difficult to calibrate, and entails a very precise process. Working on the gas valve of your furnace on your own – a very common repair – requires you to set this gas pressure correctly, and this is not a calibration that you can “eyeball” or simple estimate. Thus, having a licensed Cincinnati HVAC company such as Pinnacle Air Solutions repair your furnace is a much safer solution.

Even if you are handy and knowledgeable about home repairs, your furnace is something best left to people with the tools and training to safely make these adjustments.

Call the Cincinnati Heating Specialists – Pinnacle Air Solutions

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