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Cincinnati Heating Tips To Stay Comfortable This Winter

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This is Cincinnati! And as you probably know, heating is crucial in the winter time – and so is knowing a trustworthy Cincinnati HVAC company. That said, there are a few things you should do (and avoid doing), in the interest of keeping your energy bills manageable.

Open The Curtains If It’s Sunny

Even during a chilly winter, there are occasional sunny days. When one strikes, open your shades and curtains and let that rare solar blast heat your home. It can give your furnace a rest, which is good for its health and continued operation. Especially key are any windows that face south.

Keep It Off If You’re Out

If nobody is home during the day, let your thermostat (and heating system) rest, and turn off the HVAC system while you are gone. Heating an empty house is simply a waste of money. If you have a programmable thermostat – highly recommended – you can set it to turn on an hour before you return home, so that the place is nice and toasty when you walk in.

Stay Moderate At Night

You want to turn down the thermostat at night, certainly. But if you turn it down too low as you sleep, it could require a lot of work – and therefore a lot of energy – for your furnace to heat everything up adequately in the morning. The best approach is to avoid extremes. Lower it while you sleep, but practice moderation.

Give It Time To Warm Up

If you walk in the door and your house is, say, 50 degrees, turning it up to 80 will not heat it up any faster. Your thermostat does not work like the gas pedal of your car. Letting it warm up gradually – to 60 then 70 if 70 is your goal – will save you money on your energy bills.

The Cincinnati Furnace, Heat Pump and Heating System Professionals

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