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How To Use Your Furnace to Filter the Air

clean furnace filter

Your furnace, and its furnace filters (are your filters changed and clean?), do many things for your house. The furnace keeps you warm, of course. What you may not know, though, is that the thermostat fan helps keep your air cleaner. Letting that fan run pushes air through that filter, and helps get allergens out of the air.

On your thermostat, you likely have a slider or a digital display to set the desired temperature. You also likely have a selector to set the thermostat to “on” or “off.”

A Thermostat Trick For Heating Your Home

Many people think that, if their house is at a comfortable temperature, they should always turn that thermostat “off.” Not so. The fan does not use much energy, and by leaving the thermostat fan on, even if the furnace is not activated, you help keep the air filtered.

Aside from making your thermostat push your home’s air through the air filter and removing airborne impurities, there are other advantages.

If you live in a multi-story house, you surely know how challenging it is to regulate the temperature between the two floors. This does not mean you need furnace repair. If one person is watching TV downstairs while another is going to sleep upstairs, there may be a considerable temperature differential. The person downstairs may be shivering under a blanket, while the upstairs sleeper is dealing with a stuffy, overheated room.

The reason for this, of course, is that heat rises. Often the home’s heat will all just ascend to the upstairs.

By keeping your thermostat fan running, you will push that higher, heated air back downstairs. Your upstairs will be more regulated, and your lower level (or lower levels – think about the basement too) will not be as cold.

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