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The Importance Of Tuning Up Your Heater

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Time To Tune Up Your Cincinnati Furnace!

It’s that time of year, Cincinnati! As a reputable heating company in Cincinnati, we are accustomed to making house calls. Our heater tune-ups are down to a science – we know exactly what to do to make sure your heating system is humming like a finely-tuned sports car. 

Here are some of the things your regular heater checkup can do for your system: 

  • Cuts down on repairs 

Most of the calls we receive are for furnace problems than a tune-up could have avoided. Just like changing your oil in your car, your heater needs those updates. Catch small problems before they balloon into big repair costs. 

  • Stays safe 

Even small issues can turn into small gas leaks. And even small gas leaks can raise your home’s carbon monoxide levels to a dangerous degree. These furnaces use combustion, and the combustion process require delicate fine-tuning to keep it safe. 

  • Keeps the air moving well 

Limited airflow, or restrictions in the air circulation, can put a strain on your furnace that will burn it out prematurely. Letting us check the airflow going in and out of your HVAC system will give your furnace a longer life.  

  • Protects the manufacturer’s warranty 

Most warranties stipulate that they become void if the heater is not maintained regularly. Tuning up your furnace can help you make sure you keep that warranty intact.   

Call Pinnacle Air Solutions For Furnace Tune Ups

Now’s the time, to get your furnace into ship shape. You don’t want to have repairs when it’s cold, when you need your furnace running right. If you are looking for a reputable heating company in Cincinnati, look no further than Pinnacle Air Solutions at 513.984.HEAT (4328). We can help you with everything your home needs.

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