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Why Furnace Maintenance Is Important

dirty furnace ready for maintenance

Having an annual inspection could prevent the need for furnace replacement. Rather than paying for entirely new system, getting preventive medicine is the smarter move.

Furnace Inspection List

So, what happens during an annual furnace inspection?

  • We change the furnace filter. Wait until you see how dirty your filter is. It can be shocking.
  • We make sure the condensate drain is not clogged. This is key, as that drain is essential for the whole system’s continued effectiveness.
  • We lubricate the moving parts. Keeping it all flowing requires hands-on attention.
  • We inspect all of the electrical sockets and connections. If there is any kind of short circuit in your system, we want to catch it before it becomes a bigger problem.
  • We check the settings on the thermostat. Is the HVAC doing what it says it should be doing?
  • We make sure all of the controls are safe. You want to catch any issues with the controls before the situation becomes hazardous.
  • We clean the full heating system. Those ducts work so much better when they get a regular cleaning, and those areas are not easy to reach.

All in all, these steps together will reduce your energy bills over the winter months. These inspections will also show us if there is a carbon monoxide leak, or any other serious issues with your HVAC.

This annual check-up will extend the life of your furnace and your entire HVAC system as well, and stave off the need for a full furnace replacement.

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