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The question on the table – which those of us who do furnace repair in Cincinnati hear a lot – is “Do I actually need an annual furnace inspection?” 

And the answer is… well, you live in Cincinnati. You should probably get one. Truly, though, a location with Cincinnati’s temperature extremes, paying for an annual inspection is advised. Before you start using your furnace regularly, give us a call. The tests we run could prevent major expenditures later, if there are systems failures we can avoid. 

Here are some of the checks that we do as part of our annual maintenance servicing, when we do furnace repair in Cincinnati. We: 

  • check the filters  
  • look at wiring to test for damage or corrosion 
  • inspect the blower wheel by removing it, and cleaning it if necessary 
  • run an amp-draw test on the blower motor 
  • clean the drain and the water caught in the condensate trap 
  • check the heat exchanger for rust 
  • make sure there are no blockages in the fresh-air intake grills 
  • inspect the vent system for leaks or obstructions 
  • confirm that the combustion gases are as they should be 
  • test the burners to make sure they ignite correctly and that the flame is acceptable 

Much like seeing a dentist for regular checkups, surveying the health of your HVAC system is smart preventative medicine. 

If you want to schedule a visit, so that we can come give your furnace a clean bill of health, and adjust what needs adjusting, give Pinnacle Air Solutions a call at 513.984.HEAT (4328). Our expertise is furnace repair in Cincinnati, and our techs are friendly, easy to work with, and affordable.

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