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How Your Furnace Works With Your Central Air Conditioner

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The heating and the air conditioning systems work on the same principle, and that is that heat always travels from a warm object to a cooler one. While furnaces transfer heat into the air to warm your home, air conditioners remove heat to cool your home.

The furnace burns fuel which produces heat to warm your Cincinnati home. The heat is then distributed by being blown out of registers and ducts, into the rooms of your house. When an air conditioner is turned on, gas in a coil is cooled by electrical power to a liquid state. The warm air in your home is cooled by being blown over the cooling coil. The cool air is then blown through the ducts and the registers to cool the rooms.

Most homes have a forced-air system which distributes the heated air or the cool air by a fan. When warm air enters a room, the cooler air flows out through another set of ducts to the furnace to be heated again. Your air conditioning system uses the furnace’s forced-air system to distribute the cooler air to the rooms and then to bring back the warm air to be cooled again.

Both systems rely on a clean blower motor and its cage. The blower motor needs to be inspected at least annually and the belt tension should also be adjusted – this is why seasonal Cincinnati HVAC maintenance plans are such a good idea. The effectiveness of the blower motor determines the effectiveness of both the furnace and the air conditioning system. In addition, both systems depend on the thermostat to keep the temperature at the proper setting. This means that all the wiring connections must be secured.

Your air conditioning and heating systems share the same duct work and the blower motor and the thermostat. The furnace must be in peak operating condition to support the peak performance of the air conditioning system. This is why Pinnacle Air Solutions offers seasonal service, to ensure both components are in good working conditions to ensure they are ready to be used when needed.

Cincinnati Furnace Repair and Maintenance

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