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Why September Is A Good Month For A Furnace Exam

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September is a lovely month for a variety of reasons. There’s a cooling in the air, the leaves are turning, the creeks are running, the Cincinnati feels soft and warm, and, for geothermal installers in Cincinnati, it is a time when we get to visit many of our loyal customers and friends. 

Why is September such a good time to have your annual furnace exam? 

Well, you are not using your furnace much – if at all – in September. Since many of the regular updates involve cleaning clogs, checking wiring, and testing sub-systems, these are all things you want to have handled before you start turning that furnace on regularly.  

A few of the big reasons to have that furnace exam and get prepared for winter:  

  • It makes the furnace more efficient 

Ridding your system of those clogs lets you get more heat out of less effort. You’ll need to run your furnace less often, at lower levels, to feel the same impact on your comfort. Cut down on gas and energy costs before the big-bill months start kicking in. 

  • It makes the whole HVAC system run more smoothly 

Replacing worn-out parts and lubricating the system makes everything sound better, feel better, and sometimes even smell better. A furnace that has been updated can hum like a well-maintained car. 

  • It is better for your health 

Those old parts and old filters can spit out some gross air. Old filters can start to mold, and can release mold spores into your circulation. Other particles of bacteria and toxins can come through a system that has not been cleaned in a while. Catch it before it gets bad, and clean up your air. 

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