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Six Reasons Why the Spring is Furnace Cleaning Time

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Ah, spring. The snap of the catcher’s mitt on Opening Day. Corsages for prom. And, for conscientious homeowners, it’s time for their spring furnace maintenance. But why spring?

  1. Winter dust leads to spring mold

That dry dust spends all winter collecting in your air ducts. Then the humidity kicks in with the spring, and that duct dust gets sticky. If it sticks around long enough, it can turn into mold. Clear it out in the spring before it gets bad.

  1. You can leave your HVAC off

Spring is an ideal time to leave your heating and air conditioning off. You can give it a rest for a bit since the air temperature is so lovely. Therefore, you can give your system a break, and it’s an ideal time to clean them out.

  1. Stave off those allergens and pollens

Clean your air ducts before the budding trees and blooming flowers kick their pollens and allergens in through your windows and ducts. For your furnace, a spring cleaning is the perfect time to wipe away the built-up pollen residue.

  1. Cooler temperatures amidst the spring thaw

Of all the spring days to maintain your furnace, the cooler ones are best. Why? Because the pollens will be less on those cool days.

  1. Spring rains help

If it’s been raining, your timing is wonderful to give your furnace a nice spring cleaning. The pollens are less after the rain, so having your windows open will not inflame your family’s allergies.

  1. A good time to save money

A clean system is a more efficient system. Your HVAC will not have to work as hard, and therefore your energy bills will be lower.

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