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Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Safe?

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Thieves in Memphis, Tennessee stole nearly 500 air conditioners over six months, according to a report by WREG-TV.

The robberies happened between January and July of 2016, and the majority of air conditioners were stolen between May and July.

Cincinnati gets quite humid this time of year, but a few hours to the southwest, in Memphis, temperatures go even higher.

The Memphis Police Department has responded to 101 air conditioning thefts between January and April of 2017, and that is prior to the hottest months happening.

The majority of these thefts are from commercial buildings, but some happen at homes while the residents are asleep.

There are steps you can take to secure your outdoor air conditioner.

You can put a cage on your outdoor unit, and secure it with a padlock and chain. You can also install flood lights, or motion-detection lights that will only go off when someone steps near the AC unit.

Alarm companies can put an alarm on the AC unit itself, too, to alert the authorities if anyone tampers with the unit.

If you are concerned about the security of your air conditioning system, we at Pinnacle Air Solutions in Cincinnati are happy to advise you as well. We are familiar with all varieties of air conditioning systems, as well as the ways those systems can be implemented, or moved to more secure and protected locations. Call 513.984.HEAT (4328) for more information!


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