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Cool Question: Is Air Conditioning A Human Right?

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In the 1960s, the South experienced an economic boom. A big part of this boom, it is argued, was due to the invention and rapid spread of air conditioning. Parts of the South that were miserable during the summer were now comfortably inhabitable. Businesses flourished. Northerners were no longer afraid of visiting. 

We chose a good business to pursue. We provide ac repair in Cincinnati. And Cincinnati, being as far south as it is, requires a lot of air conditioning. We rely on air conditioning so much that it may be difficult to imagine what a Cincinnati summer is like without it. For some populations, though, they do not need to imagine what an un-air-conditioned room feels like. 

A recent Forbes column by Marshall Shepherd addresses the presence – or absence – of air conditioning in prisons. 

As we experience our hottest months ever on record, do prison temperatures of 108 degrees Fahrenheit and higher make for cruel and unusual punishment? How much of an issue is when less than a third of Texas prison unit are fully air conditioned? How much more of an issue is when 20 or more Texas prisoners die from the heat? 

Shepherd refers to the academic work of a University of Georgia professor, Sarah Shannon, who suggests that increasing temperatures cause violence to escalate in prison populations. One study looked at 57 countries, and showed that for each one-degree Celsius increase in heat (approximately 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit), there was an average 6% increase in homicides. 

And while, as a company that does air conditioning repair in Cincinnati, it is not our place to comment on these articles or these academic studies, these topics are certainly worth discussing and debating. We look forward to hearing your opinions on this subject, and to talking about these cases in greater depth.  

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