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Humane Society Refuses to Accept Dogs Until Air Conditioning is Fixed

dog keeping cool

We all know to bust dogs out of locked cars in the summer. If the windows are rolled up, and a pooch is in there, get that dog some air. 

And since our line of work is providing air conditioning repair in Cincinnati, we are very conscious of any story involving temperature, and discomfort due to high temperatures.  

That’s why it crossed our path that the Tulsa Humane Society in Oklahoma is refusing to accept new dogs, since their air conditioner is not working.

The humane society’s facility in Bixby is busiest during the summer, and they have the capacity to take in as many as 350 dogs. 

Without functioning air conditioning, though, it is difficult to make it comfortable for the dogs they currently have. They say it will cost $8,000 to get a bigger air conditioning unit for their 88-kennel facility, and while they attempt to raise those funds, they will make their current set of animals as comfortable as possible. 

In the meantime, the Tulsa Humane Society is looking to find homes for their current residents. They also say that, if you are a pet owner, do not leave your pet outside without shade for hours at a time. Additionally, provide ways for your pets to get cool, like swimming pools. Give them a lot of fresh water too – much more than you would give them in more temperate seasons.  

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